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Making Wax is What We Do.

We take great pride in our products. We have spent countless hours researching and developing our waxes.

A lot has changed for us since our inception, both for us and for our industry. Equipment has changed, training routines have intensified, board sports have evolved, and new wax technologies have been developed. What hasn’t changed is our commitment to people that love board sports. Our main focus is to assist our users, friends, and allies in their quest for success. We will continue to pursue the development of easier to use, more economical, and better smelling formulas while minimizing their environmental impact.

Uncle Stankys Strawberry Amnesia Slush Wax

Uncle Stankys Dank Wax Sour Diesel All Temp Wax Wax

Uncle Stankys Dank Wax Blueberry Kush Ultra Cold Wax

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